Knee High X Truffle Collection

PicsArt_1503420908673LEN_8007 (2) (1)LEN_8035 (3) (1)LEN_8038 (1) (1)LEN_8036 (1).jpgLEN_8084 (1) (1).jpgIMG_8073 (3).jpgLEN_8025 (2)IMG_8091 (1).jpg

Shoes-Truffle Collection Bag-Aldo
Shorts-Max fashion Bralete-Forever21
Shirt-Dad's closet




A lot of you might already have seen this look on my Instagram account, And oh! yes if you are not following me there then you are missing out on a lot. 😉 This look is in collaboration with a shoe brand named Truffle collection  India and personally my favourite footwear brand because of their trendy shoe range as they have pieces which are sometimes hard to find in an Indian store. You will totally understand my point once you’ll check out their entire collection.

I opted for these metallic rose gold knee high boots which I wanted to stock up on since the longest time and getting these just before my birthday was cherry on the cake. The moment I saw these beauties I fell in love, Not because only these looked amazing but also I knew I can style these in so many ways. For this post I decided to go for a little mixing and matching and mixing white & neutrals actually worked as the neutral tones complimented whites really well. I wore my white denim shorts and beige coloured bralete matching with the boots while to finish off added an oversized white shirt and let it unbuttoned which also acted as a cover up. Also the light brown bag enhanced the neutral tones and the overall look nicely. keeping my make-up really light, this look is resembles high street style and chic at the same time.Let me know what do you think of this look ?


Picture Credits:Lenscape

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