Demure Love – Naamcheen

PicsArt_11-17-09.04.132017-11-14-20-05-06-718.jpgIMG_7189 (1).jpg(6).jpgIMG_20171114_193621.JPG(10).jpgIMG_7185.jpgIMG_7184.jpgIMG_7187.jpg(2).jpg(8)(4).jpg(5)

Lehenga- Naamcheen By Muskaan 
Make up By- Ayushi Agarwal

Avadh and it’s unique craftsmanship is famous worldwide including the exotic garments and the exquisite embroidery work on it. The Kaarigars are just like magicians working their magic on the garment through their super fine & precise work. Whereas, designers are the masterminds who creates trendy yet royal pieces. One such label is Naamcheen owned by a super talented young girl Muskaan Agarwal , she creates garments that are handcrafted with love specifically for the Indian brides and also customises pieces for the bridal trousseau.

Coming to this shoot which is really special to me as I always wanted to do a Bridal Lehenga and getting to wear this handcrafted rose pink lehenga just made it more special. Shooting this look was quite fun.Wanna know why?

Firstly, the whole process of getting ready as a bride was just exciting because just like every normal girl even I’ve had a dream of becoming a bride and I got to live that dream without actually getting married. cool, eh? 🙂                                                                                                                                                      Secondly, the location was mesmerising as It was a river bank of Gomti river in Lucknow, one of the ancient and sacred places in the city. I am sure you all must have figured it out by looking at the pictures. After we were done shooting at different beautiful locations we decided to shoot in a boat in the middle of the river and trust me It was not as easy as It seems, from balancing standing on a boat in a river to posing and capturing the perfect picture on time in a moving boat required a lot of effort and courage.:P While there was a time when I thought that I am going to drown but all thanks to Muskan and Aseem for supporting me throughout, after all it’s all team work behind all these amazing pictures. Aseem is one of the finest photographer I have worked with and he did a pretty good job.

Talking about the look we decided to keep make up very natural & minimal as I believe that an Indian bride needs not to be caked up with make up but just enhance & embrace what she actually has showcasing her true beauty and Ayushi did it amazingly. I hope you liked the pictures and also the video that I’ve attached below. Will come up with more Indian wear shoots soon.

Until Next Time,


Pictures & Video by- Aseem Shukla
Special Thanks To- Muskaan, Ayushi & Shivangi

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